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The AIRSHIP page is the one-stop source for blimp information.

Airships I've had the opportunity to fly:

The Russell Stover Blimp, a Lightship A60+, at Caldwell in 1997

The gondola seats five. Rudder control is with the feet and elevator control via a wheel mounted between the seats like the trim wheel on a Cherokee.

Looking up at the World Trade Center, which is 2000 feet high

Looking down at the Statue of Liberty, which is 300 feet high

At the controls over New Jersey

The Fujifilm Blimp, a Skyship 600, at White Plains in 1998. This blimp is operated by Airship Management Services

Skyship engines are ducted fans with constant speed propellers

The fans rotate! This increases the ship's ability to climb and descend during takeoffs and landings. Note the air intake directly behind the fan, used for pressurizing the ballonets.

View of the U.S. Tennis Open. We held this position for about three hours.