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Tips from the CFI

I have written down several things for students and friends over the past few years.


Articles by Malcolm Dickinson:

Choosing a flight school and flight instructor 

Information about flight training near New York City

Tips for student pilots

The why and how of VFR flight following (traffic advisories)

Tips on Lake Aircraft

Tips on Comanche Aircraft

Volunteer Flying

Safety briefing given to Westchester Flying Club

Article on FAA Certificates and Ratings

Pilot Preparation memo for members of Civil Air Patrol

Q & A:

Age and pilot training

How to get flight following frequencies

What you can do with a commercial pilot certificate

How to get information on private airfields

Steps to getting a flight instructor certificate

Cost of a seaplane rating in a Lake

Other resources of value to student pilots:

Articles by Eugene Whitt, CFI, a very thoughtful flight instructor

FAA form 8710-1 available from the FAA for downloading and printing

The FAA's list of the most common errors on form 8710-1

CAVU Co.'s FAA forms programs, which allow you to fill out FAA forms on computer ($)

American Flyers' page of instructions on how to fill out the 8710-1

Speech given by Captain Al Haynes, pilot of United Flight 232 (Sioux City)

Links to a hundred aviation web sites

My qualifications (aviation resume)